• Year end performance sprint
    Year end performance sprint
    • October 19, 2022

    After the National Day, the Chinese New Year will be coming soon. This year, there are only more than two months left. Work hard for this year's goal!

  • Mid-Autumn Festival
    Mid-Autumn Festival
    • September 06, 2022

    The Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival in China. Families sit together, eat moon cakes and enjoy the full moon,. The Mid Autumn Festival is coming. I wish my colleagues a round, happy and happy life!

  • Collective activities
    Collective activities
    • July 12, 2022

    Last weekend, the company organized a two-day tour, and everyone had a good time.

  • Recent status of our company
    Recent status of our company
    • June 14, 2022

    We urgently need to recruit another assistant. This year, the company's performance is booming. Nearly half of the year has passed. We should be able to hand in a perfect answer sheet by the end of the year.

  • Our new members
    Our new members
    • May 18, 2022

    Our company has recently recruited three new assistants. The performance in the first half of this year is also on the rise. Continue to come on!

  • Xiamen is strong under the epidemic...
    Xiamen is strong under the epidemic...
    • April 08, 2022

    The epidemic situation in China has not affected our work in Xiamen, Fujian. We hope that cities with serious epidemic situations in Shanghai, Changchun and other places will get better as soon as possible.

  • Notice of commencement
    Notice of commencement
    • February 11, 2022

    Notice of commencement: after the Spring Festival holiday, we have started work.

  • Holiday notice!
    Holiday notice!
    • January 20, 2022

    Holiday notice! Tomorrow, the company's tail teeth, a year's hard work is coming to an end! The Spring Festival holiday starts on January 26 and officially starts on February! I wish all my colleagues a new year and a lucky year of the tiger!

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